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Natural Dried Apricot
Natural dried apricots are dried in natural ways. Compared to sulfur dried yellow apricots they have a more pessimistic appearance. They may start to deteriorate in a short time. Therefore, its recommended to store in the refrigerator to cobsyne it for a long time. 

Apricots are grown in Malatya, Turkey. When they mature, they are freshly harvested and then dried under the sun. Raw materials are transported to our factory and stored in our warehouses. We have various packaging alternatives for industries, food services and retailers. We do business in bulk packages, slices, chopped etc. accourding to your needs. We have a wide range of packaging from cellophane packages to RTE packages. Apricots are very good for natural treatment for the digestive system and human body. Great for yogurt, ice cream, desserts, cakes and snacks.