Aydın Chestnuts

Chestnuts are grown in many regions of Turkey. However, in terms of the “size of the fruit” which is an important criterion, chestnuts that are grown in and around of Nazilli, a town in the province of Aydın, are considerably big in size. In addition to that, Aydın chestnut which is registered with geographical indications makes Turkey one of the most important chestnut supplier in the world.

Chestnuts are usually harvested during a two-months period between the mid-September to mid-November. Harvested with their spiky capsules, chestnuts are placed together under the trees, and covered with plants such as ferns. This way, chestnuts placed under the snow all winter long are more easily separated from their spiky shells. Afterwards, chestnuts are lightly dried on special drying racks for about 2 months.