Dried Apricots

World Famous Malatya Apricots

Apricots are grown in many regions of Turkey. On the other hand, world famous Malatya apricots registered with geographical indications, are mainly grown in the province of Malatya, located in the Central East Anatolia Region, for the purpose of producing dried apricots.

The Malatya apricot which is mainly categorized into five types as Hacıhaliloğlu, Hasanbey, Kabaaşı, Soğancı, Çataloğlu and Çöloğlu is especially famous for its humidity rate and taste. Harvesting period is determined according to the type of apricot, and begins after the fruits increase in size, ripe, become yellow, sweet and juicy as they soften. The apricots are dried using two different methods. Dried Apricots apricots are prepared using the method of sun drying. On the other hand, Dried Apricots are prepared using the method of vulcanization. Vulcanization is important for preserving the yellow color of apricots, shortening the drying time, preventing the infestation and extending the expiration date.

Gülmas Food exports dried apricots from Turkey to the world with its 70 years of experience as a dried apricot wholesaler.