Dried Figs

Yellow Lobed Figs Dried under the Aegean Sun

Various species of figs are cultivated in Turkey. However, the Aydın figs known as “Yellow Lobed” and registered with geographical indications, are mainly grown in Nazilli, a town in the province of Aydın near the Aegean Sea, for the purpose of producing dried figs.

These figs are not harvested until they are fully ripe and start to get dry on the branches of the trees usually from mid-August to mid-September. Harvested figs are then placed under the hot Aegean sun for an intense drying process. After being washed and processed, they are formed in various shapes and packaged. We do not apply any additives or preservatives to the figs. Our figs are always organic. The most common forms of our exported figs are Lerida, Protoben, Pulled, Garland, Bağlama, Makaroni and Layer. As a company Gülmaş Food meets the quality standards and necessary hygiene conditions, and exports the Turkish fig all over the world.

As a dried fig wholesaler, Gülmas Food exports dried figs from Turkey to the world with 70 years of experience.