Our Story

Starting with the initiative of our grandfather, our story continues today under the name of Gülmaş Gıda Sanayi...

Taking advantage of our past experiences, we maintain our principle of 100% customer satisfaction in every stage from the production to the post-sale customer relations...

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70 Years
We prepare our products using over 70 years of experience.

We prepare our products using over 70 years of experience.Experience is the most valuable legacy from our grandfather. Thanks to the practical knowledge gained from over 70 years of experience in the industry, we can identify the best farmers practising natural farming and supply the top-quality crops of the season.

Our company is a reliable wholesaler of dried products including Wholesale Dried Figs, Wholesale Dried Apricots, Wholesale Dried Mulberries and Wholesale Raisins, as well as Wholesale Pine Nuts, Wholesale Chestnuts, Apricot Kernels, Wholesale Turkish Pistachios and Wholesale Hazelnuts.

Why Gülmaş Food?

Our products are processed by experienced workers in rich machinery and under hygienic conditions. Complying with the international production standards, we provide fast and quality solutions to meet every demand of our customers.

Gülmaş Food; is a wholesale supplier of dried fruits such as dried figs, dried apricots, dried mulberries and raisins and exports dried fruits from Turkey to the world with 70 years of experience.

Our Certificates

Quality and hygiene are top priority in every stage of our production. We operate with these principles in mind and document our whole production process by referring to relevant accrediting agencies for inspection.

Yellow Lobed Aydın Figs

Nazilli, a town in the province of Aydın, Turkey, is at the heart of dried fig cultivation and marketing. Aydın is the most important province of Turkey in terms of fig harvesting.

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Malatya Apricots

Registered with geographical indications, world famous Malatya apricots are mainly grown in the province of Malatya, located in the Central East Anatolia Region, for the purpose of producing dried apricots.

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